YUI Theater - Jenny Donnelly: "Hacking With YUI"

By YUI TeamMarch 19, 2009

Jenny Donnelly, Senior Engineer, YUI Team

Jenny Donnelly is the author of YUI's DataSource, AutoComplete and DataTable components and the lead editor of YUIBlog. In this session, "Hacking with YUI," Jenny provides an overview of the library and some strategies for leveraging its power in a rapid prototyping environment.

Jenny identifies four key problems that YUI helps to solve:

  1. Bringing data into the page dynamically;
  2. Providing widgets that help build out the UI;
  3. Providing widgets that allow the user to interact with information;
  4. Providing mechanisms for making data user-editable.

Slides and code samples from Jenny's talk are available for download.

Our thanks to Eric Wu for organizing the Hack Day sessions and for allowing the YUI Theater crew to shoot Jenny's talk.

Jenny Donnelly: "Hacking with YUI" @ Yahoo! Video

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