YUI Theater -- Satyen Desai: "YUI 3: Design Goals and Architecture"

By YUI TeamMay 12, 2009

Satyen Desai, Sr. Engineer, YUI Team

The team here remains hard at work on YUI's next-generation codeline, YUI 3, which is available as a documented preview release today and which is already powering some of Yahoo's next-generation projects. As we get closer to the beta release this summer, we're spending more time talking about YUI 3's distinguishing characteristics. Satyen Desai, a Sr. Engineer on the YUI team and one of the key YUI 3 developers, gave a talk last week here at Yahoo about the design goals for YUI 3 and the architectural decisions that were driven by those goals. We're happy to share video from that event here on YUI Theater.

Slides from Satyen's talk are available as a zipped PowerPoint file here.

The embed from Yahoo Video follows; a higher-resolution version, along with a transcript, is available from the YUI Theater site.

Satyen Desai: "YUI 3: Design Goals and Architecture" @ Yahoo! Video

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