YUI Theater — Charles McCathieNevile: "Opera Dragonfly"

By YUI TeamJune 1, 2009

Charles McCathieNevile of Opera; May 26, 2009, at Yahoo!

One of the first YUI Theater videos years ago was published after Joe Hewitt came to Yahoo! to talk about the 1.0 release of Firebug, and back in those days Firebug was a paradigm shift — it had a convenient interface that combined DOM inspection and debugging, and it allowed developers to finally put the venerable Venkman on the shelf.

The Firebug model has penetrated into other browser families today, and today IE8 and Safari both have capable developer tools while Firebug soldiers on in service to Firefox. None of the tools is perfect, but Firebug has served as a good proof-of-concept for what a multipurpose, extensible inspector/debugger toolkit can do.

Opera is now innnovating on this front as well, and Charles McCathieNevile, Chief Standards Officer, stopped by Yahoo! on May 26 to tell us about their latest effort: Opera Dragonfly. Dragonfly will work with Opera 9.5 and later, and it's a novel approach — implemented as a widget using JavaScript and CSS and proposing a new "Scope API" that (if agreed upon by browser makers) could allow for a common debugging platform. Dragonfly is fully open-sourced.

Slides from Charles's talk are available as zipped HTML files.

The embed from Yahoo Video follows; a higher-resolution version, along with a transcript, is available from the YUI Theater site.

download (m4v)

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