July 27 Bayjax Meeting at Yahoo: Speakers Include Douglas Crockford, Nicole Sullivan, Satyen Desai and Jonathan LeBlanc

By YUI TeamJuly 13, 2009

Visit the Bayjax site for event registration information.

Yahoo! will be hosting the Monday, July 27 meeting of the JavaScript meetup group Bayjax. We have four terrific speakers lined up — Douglas Crockford, Nicole Sullivan, Satyen Desai, and Jonathan LeBlanc.

Attendance is free, but seating is limited. To RSVP for the event, head over to the Bayjax site.

Thanks to Yahoo!'s Gonzalo Cordero and the Bayjax team for bringing the event to Yahoo! and for lining up a fantastic group of speakers.

July Bayjax @ Yahoo!

Nicole Sullivan — "Object Oriented CSS"

Nicole SullivanHow do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? What happens to the size of your CSS file as more pages and modules are added? The answer, for most sites, is that it grows out of control and becomes an unmaintainable tangle of spaghetti code. Perhaps more importantly, our sites are too brittle and require guru-level abilities to make even simple changes.

CSS is a powerful, beautiful, and expressive language, but deeply misunderstood and often poorly written. Now is exactly the right moment for it to get a dose of software engineering best practices. Object Oriented CSS allows you to write fast, maintainable, standards-based front-end code. It adds much needed predictability to CSS so that even beginners can create beautiful websites. OOCSS is not a framework or a tool (though in this session Nicole will demo both), it is a better, saner way to write and maintain style sheets.

Satyen Desai — "YUI 3: Design Goals and Archtecture"

Satyen Desai is one of the principle designers of YUI's next-generation codeline. In this talk, Satyen describes the key design challenges that the YUI engineering team faced in building the new codeline and the design that emerged from those challenges.

Satyen Desai, Sr. Engineer, YUI Team

Douglas Crockford — "The JSON Saga"

JSONJSON is a simple data interchange format. It is rare among standards in that minimalism was one of the principle goals of its design. Radical minimalism made it possible for JSON to compete successfully against entrenched, maximal standards.

Jonathan Leblanc — "Building scalable YQL Widgets with JavaScript"

The Yahoo! Query Language provides a rich and dynamic method for obtaining and manipulating data from any source or api on the internet – with YQL the internet becomes your database. Coupling the data backend of YQL with the extensive data visualization and flow techniques of JavaScript through libraries such as YUI, a developer can build powerful widget and data systems using a simplified SQL syntax that YQL is based in. The marriage of YQL and JavaScript brings a robust MVC interface to the browser.