YUI Theater — Jonathan LeBlanc: "YQL and YUI"

By YUI TeamAugust 12, 2009

Jonathan LeBlanc of the Yahoo! Developer Network

Earlier we posted video from Douglas Crockford's talk on JSON at the BayJax meetup on July 27. Next up is Jonathan LeBlanc, a technical evangelist at the Yahoo! Developer Network who spoke about one of Yahoo!'s most intriguing developer offerings, YQL (the Yahoo! Query Language).

In this 24-minute session, Jonathan provides an introduction to YQL and then goes on to show how it can be used in combination with the YUI Library in the rapid creation of dynamic, data-driven interfaces where the data comes from hetereogeneous sources across the web. I suspect you'll be surprised and intrigued, to say the least, if this is your first introduction to YQL; it's the kind of service that makes you want to clear your calendar for a couple of days' worth of uninterrupted hacking.

Thanks again to the Bayjax team and to Gonzalo Cordero for helping to bring the event to Yahoo!.

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