In the Wild for September 1, 2009

By YUI TeamSeptember 1, 2009

Here are some of the things we've noticed in the YUI newstream of late. Did we miss something important? Let us know in the comments.

  • Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson's ThoughtMuse, a YUI-based Mindmapping Application: Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson wrote in to tell us about his latest project, ThoughtMuse, which is a web-based mindmapping editor built with extensive use of YUI.  According to Thomas, "The ThoughtMuse mindmap editor leverages the YUI connection manager, drag and drop and JSON utilities, and a wide range of widgets (button, color picker, overlay, panel, dialog, menu). Also, while developing any javascript I always use the YUI Test Utility and Logging Control for automated unit- and integration testing."  Thomas's screencast introductiont to ThoughtMuse gives you a good idea of how the interface works:

  • Matt Snider, "Comparing Widget in YUI2 Versus YUI3": "
I have been wanting to do a YUI 2 versus YUI 3 comparison for some time, and it took a while to design a simple example that was complex enough to be meaningful. Anyway, for this comparison I wrote a simple CheckboxList widget, that renders a list of checkboxes and labels from a JSON object. Both versions will require only a DOM node to instantiate, they will include two custom events onCheck and onBeforeCheck, and they will have these public functions: ‘clear’, ‘hide’, ‘render’, ’serialize’, ’show’. The ‘hide’ and ’show’ methods will apply “display:none” and “display:block” to the root node, respectively. The ‘clear’ method will remove the content of the root node and then call ‘hide’. The ‘render’ method will build the HTML from a JSON object and then call ’show’. Lastly, the ’serialize’ method returns the values of the checkbox as an AJAX ready query string."  Check out the blog post for the results of Matt's exploration.