Open Hack Day NYC, October 9/10 2009

By YUI TeamSeptember 18, 2009

Open Hack Day NYC 2009

For the past few years, one of our favorite Yahoo events has been Open Hack Day. From worn out hackers napping in the Official YUI Radio Flyer back in 2006 to the hair-raising quantities of Red Bull and hacker food we've seen consumed in the years since, the event has always brought out the best in Yahoo! and the developers who come to invent cool stuff.

This year, the Yahoo Developer Network's Havi Hoffman has been leading the charge, and the event is being staged near Times Square in New York. From the YUI engineering team, Isaac Schlueter will be there giving a talk on the YUI 3 toolkit and how to think through a project making use of it. Clay Shirky will be keynoting — one of the truly singular thinkers in the technosphere. And there will be a host of other great speakers.

And it's a Yahoo! Hack Day, which means it will be interesting, surprising, and serendipitous. We hope you'll consider joining us as we renew the tradition.

From YDN:

On Friday, The Developer Conference opens with a keynote by Clay Shirky. A day of tech talks and hands-on workshops will cover a range of open technologies including the Yahoo! Application Platform and Social APIs, YQL, and Connected TV. Our 24-hour Hack session kicks off Friday afternoon. On Saturday, hackers will demo their hacks for a chance at glory and cool prizes.

Register to request an spot. Space is limited.

Learn more: Watch the Open Hack NYC trailer.