YUI Theater — Andreas Bovens and David Storey: "10 Essential Things You Should Know about Supporting Opera"

By YUI TeamOctober 12, 2009

Andreas Bovens speaking at Yahoo! during the BayJax Meetup on October 7, 2009.

Opera Software makes one of the most intriguing browsers on the market. Opera 10 is was released this summer to excellent reviews, and it's undoubtedly the best Opera yet. Opera continues to enjoy deep regional pockets of strength, especially in Eastern Europe. (In Russia, Opera was the top browser for much of 2009). Meanwhile, Opera Mini continues to make headway in the low-powered device market.

Opera marketshare by region, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, in 2009.

On the other hand, by most global measures Opera continues to be a niche browser. For example, it recently has been eclipsed by the rapidly ascending Google Chrome browser in terms of traffic on the Yahoo! network; StatCounter shows Chrome at roughly doubling Opera's share in the past month on a global basis.

In this talk, Andreas Bovens and David Storey, both of Opera, make the case that we as web development community can and should be continuing to support Opera as one of the top-tier, modern, standards-compatible browsers. The talk covers not just why you should support opera, but also how specifically to go about it.

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