In the Wild for October 22, 2009

By YUI TeamOctober 22, 2009

With YUI 2.8.0, YUI 3.0.0, and PHP Loader 1.0.0 beta 1 out the door, the team here is focused on our final big objective for the year: YUICONF2009. Brendan Eich and Douglas Crockford will be keynoting next week at our first public, YUI-focused conference. In addition to the YUI engineers presenting sessions, we're looking forward to hearing from community members like Matt Snider and Eric Ferraiuolo. While the conference is sold out, YUI Theater will be there capturing as much as it can — so stay tuned here for video coverage as it becomes available.

Here are a few of the other YUI-related news items we've tracked in the past few weeks. If you have an item we missed, or something you'd like to see covered in the next update, please leave a note in the comments; for all the latest YUI news as it happens, follow yuilibrary on Twitter.