YUI 2.8.0 Preview for YAP Developers

By YUI TeamOctober 28, 2009

Thanks to the hard work of YUI engineer Lucas Smith, YAP engineer Felix Lee, YDN's Jonathan LeBlanc and many others, YUI 2.8.0 is now available on the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) as a developer preview. YAP is the platform on which you can write applications that run on the Yahoo! homepage, My Yahoo!, and other sites throughout the Yahoo! ecosystem.

YAP's security layer is built using Google Caja, an object-capability system for JavaScript. The team at Google has been hard at work bringing Caja to the point where it can support full-featured libraries like YUI that heavily exercise both JavaScript and the DOM, and we've worked closely with Mark Miller, Mike Samuel and the Caja team to improve support for YUI 2. Enough of the API is working today for the YAP team to release it to developers — and, while more work remains to be done, the subset you can use now should be a nice help in building out interactive apps in YAP.

Jonathan has two great resources for you if you want to explore YUI usage in YAP:

Jonathan has also posted about this release over on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog.

Reid Burke from the YAP team will be giving a tech talk on using YUI in YAP today at YUICONF 2009; if you're at the conference, be sure to catch Reid's session. If not, keep an eye out here for that talk when it appears on YUI Theater.