YUI Theater — Luke Smith: "Events Evolved"

By YUI TeamOctober 30, 2009

Luke Smith at YUICONF 2009 held at the Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale; October 28, 2009.

We wrapped up YUICONF 2009 last night, and I wanted to share with you the first video coming out of the sessions. This is from YUI engineer Luke Smith's (@ls_n's) presentation yesterday, "Events Evolved," in which he dives deeply into the YUI 3 Event system (created by Adam Moore, one of YUI's architects). YUI 3's Event module is one of the strengths of the library, and Luke's talk is the best job we've done so far of talking about its best qualities. This is must-see-tv for YUIers.

More video from YUICONF will be on YUI Theater in the coming weeks; I hope you enjoy this first installment.

If the video embed below doesn't show up correctly in your RSS reader of choice, be sure to click through to watch the high-resolution version of the video on YUI Theater; the downloadable version is much smaller, optimized as it is for iPods, iPhones, and other handheld devices.

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