YUI Theater — Brendan Eich: "ECMA Harmony and the Future of JavaScript"

By YUI TeamNovember 3, 2009

Brendan Eich of Mozilla at YUICONF 2009, held at the Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale; October 28, 2009.

Brendan Eich, JavaScript's creator, gave the opening-night keynote at last week's YUICONF 2009. His talk, "ECMA Harmony and the Future of JavaScript," related some of the technical, corporate and social processes that have marked the recent history of the language. It's a fascinating story. As the next release of ECMAScript (now ECMAScript 5.0) comes up for a vote in December, there remains some dissent, with IBM still indicating discomfort. But the prospect of ECMAScript moving ahead to a new version looks increasingly plausible. Brendan's perspective on this is both strikingly open and deeply committed. Our thanks to him for the talk and for allowing us to share it here.

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