YUI Theater — Ron Adams: "Automated Integration Testing with YUI Test, Selenium and Hudson"

By YUI TeamNovember 5, 2009

Yahoo engineer Ron Adams at YUICONF 2009, held at the Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale; October 28, 2009.

Ron Adams is a Yahoo! engineer in Southern California who has worked on a variety of Yahoo!'s media products including OMG and who now works for Yahoo! Sports. Ron has been working with colleagues in QA to automate the exercise of JavaScript unit tests, and his YUICONF 2009 session was entitled "Automated Integration Testing with YUI Test, Selenium and Hudson." As the title suggests, he outlines the process he's developed using YUI Test for JavaScript unit tests, Hudson as a CI/build tool for tracking and monitoring results, and Selenium as the tool to exercise the JS unit tests in the browser.

If the video embed below doesn't show up correctly in your RSS reader of choice, be sure to click through to watch the high-resolution version of the video on YUI Theater; the downloadable version is much smaller, optimized as it is for iPods, iPhones, and other handheld devices.

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