Angela Sabas Speaking on YUI 3 at Open Hack Day in Indonesia on November 21

By YUI TeamNovember 18, 2009

The only thing that's not awesome about Yahoo! having an Open Hack Day in Indonesia this weekend is that it's too far away for many of us in California to make the trip. Fortunately, an excellent group of international Yahoo!s will be carrying the purple flag — and talking about projects ranging from YQL to YUI.

Speaking about YUI to the hackers in Jakarta will be Angela Sabas from Yahoo! Singapore. Angela has been a frontend engineer with Yahoo! for two years, most recently working with Yahoo! 360plus, the blogging product for Vietnam, as well as other offerings such as the iCafe initiative, Mash, and News. Angela will be providing a hacker-oriented introduction to YUI 3; she's speaking at 11 a.m. on Saturday. If you're going to be in Jakarta, head over to the event website to sign up.

If you're considering a YUI 3-based hack for the event, you can do some carbo-loading on YUI Theater, where we've been compiling an assortment of talks from last month's YUICONF 2009 in Sunnyvale. Contributing a YUI 3 Gallery item is a great way to impress your hack-day judges...