YUI 2.7.0 on InsideLine.com

By YUI TeamDecember 14, 2009

About the Author: Réal Deprez is the frontend architect at Edmunds.com, the premier resource for automotive information, based in Santa Monica. A Maine native and Tulane graduate, Réal has been working in frontend engineering professionally for five years.

Here at Edmunds (Edmunds.com) we just launched a redesign of Inside Line (InsideLine.com), our automotive enthusiast web site, and we are using the YUI JavaScript library extensively.

Some of the YUI utilities & widgets used on Inside Line:

  • Yahoo/Dom/Event
  • Animation Utility
  • Connection Manager
  • ImageLoader
  • JSON
  • Selector
  • Carousel
  • TabView

We (the Frontend team) started out with YUI 2.7.0 JavaScript core and built our own JavaScript user interface library on top of it to encapsulate site-specific components and functionality. Our library takes advantage of YUI’s core utilities, including Dom, Event, Connection Manager, and Animation.

We are using Dom and Event extensively to handle DOM interaction, event listeners and custom event handling. The YUI Connection Manager is handling all of our Ajax implementations, including our custom search widgets. We are also using many of the YUI widgets on Inside Line, including TabView and Carousel, with custom skins. The YUI ImageLoader helped us improve page performance and meet our strict performance requirements.

We chose YUI because of its great documentation, thorough testing, and the scope and depth of its offerings. The library is easy to learn, understand, and implement. The modularity of the system fits in well with our design principles, and the API and custom events make it extremely extensible and easy to integrate.

Some Highlights

Multimedia Spotlight (tabview, carousel) from InsideLine.com:

InsideLine.com multimedia spotlight.

Image and Video Galleries (core, JSON and Carousel):

InsideLine.com gallery interface.

Ajax Search Widgets (Dom, Event, Connection Manager):

InsideLine.com search interface.

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