The YUI Team Is Looking for Another World-Class Engineer for Frontend Build Systems, QA and CI

By YUI TeamJanuary 28, 2010

If working alongside people like Douglas Crockford and on the team that created YUI (Matt Sweeney, Adam Moore, Dav Glass, Jenny Donnelly, Luke Smith, Tripp Bridges, Allen Rabinovich, Alaric Cole, Satyen Desai, and others) sounds like a good way to spend your time, read on: We're hiring.

We're looking for a great engineer to help us improve every aspect of our continuous integration (CI) process, including the way we build, document, test, and deploy our code. To succeed in this role, you'll have to be:

  • familiar with best practices in frontend engineering (e.g., this video should make good sense to you);
  • knowledgeable about the goals and principles of continuous integration;
  • interested in the emerging discipline of automated testing for frontend code (e.g. this video and the first half of this one should make sense to you, and projects like TestSwarm should be deeply interesting);
  • able to solve diverse problems with a heterogeneous set of technologies (e.g. DHTML/Python/Java/Ant/linux/PHP/JavaScript);
  • excited about creating a state-of-the art CI process for YUI and evangelizing it throughout Yahoo! and beyond.

YUI is an open source project, and many of the pieces you'll be working with are part of the YUI ecosystem. That begins with our YUI Builder tools and extends to components of our existing CI process — tools like YUI Compressor, YUI Doc and YUI Test. You'll have the opportunity to improve the tools themselves and to improve the way they're documented and used.

The best part of any job in technology is having the chance to do influential work in an environment that both challenges and supports your growth. The YUI team provides just that confluence of characteristics: a huge, engaged community of users and developers and a team of brilliant engineers collaborating every day to improve the project.

If this sounds like your dream job, and if the people I mentioned above sound like people you'd want to work with every day, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me why you're the right person for this role, including a link to your resume and professional portfolio, by emailing yui [dash] jobs [at] (Principals only; no recruiters.)