Frontend Engineering Job on the YUI Team

By YUI TeamFebruary 26, 2010

Note: We have now hired for this position. Please check the YUI jobs page for additional YUI related jobs at Yahoo!

If working alongside people like Douglas Crockford and on the team that created YUI (Matt Sweeney, Adam Moore, Dav Glass, Jenny Donnelly, Luke Smith, Tripp Bridges, Allen Rabinovich, Satyen Desai, and others) sounds like a good way to spend your time, read on: We're hiring.

We're looking for a great engineer to help us with every facet of the YUI project. (Note: This role is in addition to the build/CI position we announced a few weeks ago). This may be a great job for you if you are:

  • familiar with best practices in frontend engineering (e.g., this video should resonate for you);
  • an unabashed JavaScript geek (e.g., this video and this video should be the kind of thing you get excited to download and watch on the big screen in HD);
  • someone who thinks making web applications screamingly fast is a moral obligation;
  • someone who thinks APIs should be easy to use while solving hard problems, and someone who knows how to create that kind of API;
  • someone who thinks about how users will interact with your work if they aren't adept with a mouse or can't visually read the computer screen;
  • a passionate communicator as well as a passionate developer.
  • Read the full job description for more details.

The best part of any job in technology is having the chance to do influential work in an environment that both challenges and supports your growth. The YUI team provides just that confluence of characteristics: a huge, engaged community of users and developers and a team of brilliant engineers collaborating every day to improve the project.

If this sounds like your dream job, and if the people I mentioned above sound like people you'd want to work with every day, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me why you're the right person for this role, including a link to your resume and professional portfolio, by emailing yui [dash] jobs [at] (Principals only; no recruiters.)

Note: A work visa for the United States is required for this position; Yahoo! cannot sponsor a new H-1B during this hiring cycle.