Happy First Birthday, JSMag

By YUI TeamMarch 4, 2010

Tom Hughes-Croucher is an evangelist for the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Our friends over at JSMag are celebrating their first birthday. If you haven't read JSMag it's a monthly PDF magazine that covers news on hot JavaScript topics and provides practical tutorials.

JSMag are giving away a free issue from their first year. Simply log into your JSMag account and use the code 'oneyear' to get a free issue.

When selecting your free issue, you may want to seek out the articles in JSMag written by Yahoos frontend engineers or about YUI over the last 12 months:

  • March 2009
    • Matt Henry on unit testing with YUI
  • April 2009
    • Yours truly on Profiling your JavaScript
  • June 2009
    • Yours truly on Build Scripts
  • July 2009
    • Stoyan Stefanov on Function Patterns
  • August 2009
    • Jon LeBlanc on YQL and browser MVC
  • August 2009
    • Stoyan Stefanov on function patterns
  • September 2009
    • Chistian Tiberg on using administration system with YUI
    • Stoyan Stefanov on more function patterns
  • October 2009
    • Chistian Tiberg on inline editing with YUI
    • Stoyan Stefanov on more constructor patterns
  • November 2009
    • Yours truly on Enhancing YQL with server-side JavaScript
    • Stoyan Stefanov on more inheritance patterns
  • December 2009
    • Christian Tiberg on using the YUI2 datatable and chart components
    • Stoyan Stefanov on more reuse patterns
  • January 2010
    • Christian Tiberg on using YUI to build desktop gadgets for Windows
    • Stoyan Stefanov on the sandbox pattern
  • February 2010
    • Stoyan Stefanov on the private members pattern
  • March 2010
    • Yours truly with an overview of server-side JavaScript
    • Stoyan Stefanov on currying

Happy Birthday, JSMag!