YUI 3 Gallery Contest 2010 — Win a Ticket to JSConf 2010

By YUI TeamMarch 5, 2010

We're pleased to announce the YUI 3 Gallery Contest 2010. Thanks to our friends at the Yahoo! Developer Network, we have a conference pass to the sold-out JSConf 2010 to offer. We're pairing that with a $500 gift certificate to Expedia.com to help the prize winner get back and forth to Virginia for the conference.

The prize will go to the person who authors the best new YUI 3 Gallery module between March 5 and March 22 and submits it for community use under YUI's BSD license. As with any contest, there are lots of rules. We've noted some of the big ones on the contest page and you can read the full legal writeup here.

We're thrilled with what we all as a community have done since late 2009 to make the Gallery a hotbed for YUI 3 growth and innovation. Greg Hinch's Form module (submitted hours after the Gallery opened), Ryan Grove's excellent Storage and History modules, Ilyan Peychev's über-popular Accordion, Julien Lecomte's SimpleMenu, Stephen Woods's Timepicker, Adam Moore's TreeView, Jeff Craig's Chromahash, Dav's own YQL module...and dozens more.

We hope you'll consider doing some YUI 3 hacking over the next few weeks to add to this collection. We've listed some resources on the contest page, and there's a forum thread going with ideas for new modules (please weigh in there even if you're not going to be writing a module for the contest yourself). And, of course, the current Gallery is a good source of inspiration.

Happy hacking, and we're looking forward to seeing a YUI Gallery author head out to JSConf next month!