In the Wild for March 12, 2010

By YUI TeamMarch 12, 2010

Here at YUI HQ, we're working toward the next major release of YUI, YUI 3.1.0. Yesterday we shared some YUI 3 loader work that Adam Moore has done for 3.1.0. His "YUI 2 in 3" project allows you to use components like YUI 2 DataTable simply and efficiently in YUI 3. Meanwhile, his loader improvements also mean you can bring in YUI 3 Gallery modules like Storage Lite with the same ease and efficiency. 3.1.0 will also mark the GA release of Satyen Desai's component/widget foundation for YUI 3.

We're also running the YUI 3 Gallery Contest, the winner getting a JSConf conference pass and $500 at to help with travel. You've got two full weekends left of hacking before the deadline!

In the meantime, there's been a lot going on in the community — here are a few of the things we've noted recently: