Previewing AlloyUI, a YUI 3-based Component Library from Liferay

By YUI TeamMarch 15, 2010

Nate Cavanaugh and Eduardo Lundgren of Liferay have spent the last six months building out a new widget library, AlloyUI, based on YUI 3. Nate wrote about the project recently on his Liferay blog. AlloyUI is available as a preview release today and early April is the GA release target.

Widgets in the AlloyUI library.

AlloyUI comprises a wide array of components — more than 60 in all — that range from utilities to sugar layers to full-blown UI widgets. All of Alloy's component's are built on YUI 3; some of the widgets are based to some degree on YUI 2. All are free to use under an LGPL license. Nate and Eduardo intend to share AlloyUI components on the YUI 3 Gallery, making them as easy to use as any YUI 3, YUI 2, or other Gallery module; they hope to have more news on that effort soon.

AlloyUI components include:

  • AutoComplete
  • Calendar
  • Charts
  • ColorPicker
  • Dialog
  • Image Gallery
  • Paginator
  • Rating
  • Resize
  • Sortable
  • Tabs
  • TextBox List

Check out their demos page to explore all of these and many others.

If you're pinching yourself and asking, "Are Nate, Eduardo and Liferay contributing dozens of components into the YUI ecosystem, core UI and utility elements that I can use in my everyday development?", the answer is yes...that's pretty much what they're doing. Although we've known about the project since late last year, we had the chance to visit with Nate and Eduardo at Yahoo! today and we're extremely impressed with the work they've done.

Eduardo Lundgren, Nate Cavanaugh and the YUI Team at Yahoo