Upcoming Industry Conferences

By YUI TeamMarch 30, 2010

We love great tech conferences, and we know that a lot of you having amazing things to share. So I've put together this list of conferences and barcamps coming up that are looking for speakers or participation.

We are going to be at some of these and we hope we'll see many of you there speaking or not.

Professional Conferences

Web 2.0 Expo NYC 2010

Submission Deadline: April 12th, 2010
Web 2.0 Expo NYC Submission Page
Conference Date: 18th - 21nd October 2010
Location: New York, NYC, USA

EuroPython 2010

Submission Deadline: April 30th, 2010
EuroPython Submission Page
Conference Date: 19th - 22nd June 2010
Location: Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham, UK


We'll keep updating you on event speaking deadlines as they come up. Let me know what I missed in the comments section and we'll make sure your event is included here.