April 13 BayJax Meetup on High Performance JavaScript

By YUI TeamApril 7, 2010

Gonzalo has posted details on the April 2010 BayJax meetup, which we'll be hosting at Yahoo! again next week:

We are back with the first Bayjax meetup of the new year at Yahoo!. This month we are bringing you an extraordinary lineup of speakers on JavaScript performance. In celebration of the newly released book High Performance JavaScript, Yahoo! front-end engineers Nicholas Zakas, Matt Sweeney, Julien Lecomte, Stoyan Stefanov, and Ross Harmes will be covering some of the most relevant topics, tools, and techniques for producing screamingly fast web applications.


Title: High performance JavaScript
Where: Yahoo! HQ - @URLS Main cafeteria
701 First Ave, Sunnyvale Ca, 94089


  • Stoyan Stefanov on DOM Scripting - building responsive UIs by understanding the price of DOM access, updates, reflows and repaints
  • Nicholas Zakas on Response Interfaces - When written incorrectly, JavaScript can slow down an entire page’s user interface. Learn how JavaScript is tied to a web page’s UI, the limits that browsers place on JavaScript execution, and how to ensure a fast and responsive UI.
  • Ross Harmes on Ajax - A quick introduction to Multipart XHR, its strengths and its (possibly fatal) weaknesses.
  • Julien Lecomte - Emphasis on JavaScript build systems and their importance.
  • Matt Sweeney - Matt will be introducing the Tools chapter, which walks through a suite of tools to help developers identify various types of bottlenecks in their system.

YUI Theater will be there...we hope to see you there as well.

Photo of Ross Harmes used by kind permission of Dustin Diaz.