YUI Theater — Adam Granicz: "Robust and Rapid Web Development with WebSharper" (57 min.)

By YUI TeamApril 24, 2010

Adam Granicz, CEO of Intellifactory, speaking at Yahoo! on April 21, 2010.

Adam Granicz stopped by Yahoo! earlier this week to talk about the F# programming language and its use in web application development.

Granicz's company, Intellifactory, produces the WebSharper platform. WebSharper fills the role in the F# community that GWT and similar tools fill in the Java community, promising a strongly typed, fast, tightly integrated development experience with deployment to rich web applications. As Fybit's Riatrax4JS and yui4java do for Java developers, WebSharper brings the power of YUI 2 to F# developers, making a wide range of YUI widgets available.

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