Implementation Focus: Phanfare Media Organizer

By YUI TeamMay 19, 2010

Cory Mintz from Phanfare wrote in last week to tell us about their recent product launch, which is heavily based on YUI 2.8.0.

We just released our new web organizer yesterday... It is a full photo and video organizer built as a web application, using just about every YUI 2 component. We think it really blurs the line between desktop and web software.

Some notable features are:

  • Using the Uploader, we let people organize and edit their photos as they upload.
  • With the help of Drag and Drop and Menu, the thumbnail grid has all of the behaviors of an OS’s file browser. You can drag select, drag and drop reorder, multi-select using ctrl and shift, arrow between thumbnails, etc.
  • The dynamic loading of the TreeView, let us lazy load user accounts with 100s of albums since they are hierarchical ( year -> album -> section ). This allows the page for an extremely large account to load just as fast as a small account.

I love the clean professionalism of the site and the extraordinary attention to detail in the UI. Feel free to tour the site -- trial accounts are free and come populated with sample albums to give you a feel for what the site has to offer. Congratulations to Cory and the team for such a fantastic launch.