Work with YUI as part of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS) Engineering Team

By YUI TeamMay 20, 2010

The Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS) Team is building the next generation of open platforms. One of our upcoming products - Connect - is targeted at third-party publishers and developers. Connect allows third-parties to easily integrate with Yahoo! by dropping a few lines of Javascript code on their site. Further, Connect enables users to login to third-party websites using their Yahoo! IDs and broadcast their updates to friends and followers.

Connect uses several Yahoo technologies including YQL and YUI. In particular, Connect leverages the core libraries from YUI3 (node, io, custom events) and the widget infrastructure to provide a consistent api and cross-browser experience. Once fully developed, Connect will be deployed across thousands of web-sites and be visible to millions of consumers. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a project that will have outstanding consumer reach and challenging scalability requirements.

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of large-scale web development experience, including familiarity with browser-side client technologies such as Javascript, HTML and CSS and with cross-browser compatibility issues, optimization techniques, and internationalization. Knowledge of PHP and a JavaScript library — such as YUI — are required.

Interested? See the full job description at and contact Rohit Dube (rdube AT