In the Wild for June 4, 2010

By YUI TeamJune 4, 2010

We may be in the midst of the NBA finals, but In the Wild leads off this week with an item that gets us thinking about August. And football, in turn, gets us thinking about marriage, and in particular about the first known use of YUI in a marriage proposal. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if we missed anything important.

  • YUI 3.1.1 on's fantasy portal employs YUI 3.1.1 Overlay, Anim, History, and more.
  • Free CMS Onpub Built with YUI 2: "Onpub is a PHP/MySQL web content management system. Onpub tightly bundles [the] Yahoo! User Interface Library [YUI 2] and CKEditor to enable the creation of standards-compliant, cross-browser, dynamic HTML websites. Onpub is designed to provide a base of well integrated components that have a proven track-record for helping web developers build websites that are easy to update, reliable and good looking." (Original source.)
  • The Big Question (with YUI CSS Reset): Paul Irish asked on Twitter if this was the first marriage proposal aided by YUI?  I'm not sure, but on some level having a reset of all quirky, inherited, upstream style rules seems like a good metaphor for what you do when you tie the knot.  Congrats to the couple; I'm assuming that Carrie said yes! (Original source.)
  • Juego De Snake Built with YUI 3 by @jldorta: Caridy pointed out this nice snake game built on YUI 3.  Note the Twitter status rotator at the top of the page, also built with custom YUI controls (on the YUI 2 codeline). (Original source.)
  • Matt Snider's Mac-style Radio Button Preferences As a YUI 3 Module: Writes Matt: "One of my favorite UI features of the Mac OS, both OSX and the iPhone, is the way it handles radio inputs. Instead of having small, hard to click little round circle (like the web), there are large buttons that are obviously grouped by use of a connecting bar. The best place to see this is in the system preferences on OSX. Today's article, introduces a widget that will do the same, by converting existing radio buttons into a Mac Preference Radio."
  • New Landscapes and Interiors Site Built by @joedag32 with YUI 2 JS and CSS Tools: Writes developer joedag32: "We...relied on the Yahoo! YUI Library to build the site as well. The site makes use of the following YUI components: CSS Reset, CSS Fonts, CSS Grids, Yahoo Global Object, DOM Collection, [and] Event Utility.  YUI really helped us to work faster and knowing that their library is used and tested by Yahoo! for A-Grade Browser support is a real time saver." (Original source.)
  • Bryon Wyly on Secure (YUI 2-based) Pie Charts for SharePoint: Bryon Wyly writes on 'I have done several blogs on how to use the google apis to create dynamic pie charts of lists in SharePoint based on code written by Claudio Cabaleyro and published at Perhaps the biggest request I have heard is, “How can I use these charts on my secure intranet?” Since Google Apps is an image that is shipped back to you after sending the required data and since SSL is not an option, Google Apps are useless for lists that use secure and sensitive data...  A recent comment on my blog suggested I look at...YUI as a possible solution. After a few hours work, I was able to marry a YUI pie chart with the JQuerry SharePoint List parser and create a Pie Chart generated by your SharePoint List, that does NOT send you data outside the network.'  Check out his post for full details.
  • Integrating YUI with Wicket: Mo Hammer has written up a tutorial on using the YUI Rich Text Editor with Wicket: "I was searching for a good rich-text editor for a Wicket project for some time, and eventually decided to use the YUI editor. It looks fairly nice, and can be configured quite well. Here, I'll demonstrate how to use it with an HTML code editing button, as described in this example."
  • Selenium and YUI Buttons (by @adamgoucher): Adam Goucher has written a tutorial on how to work with YUI 2 Buttons in the context of Selenium tests.
  • Nagare IDE Using YUI 2 (via @jlcarre): From the Nagare wiki: "Nagare IDE is a pure Web Integrated Development Environment dedicated to the Nagare Web framework. Using YUI, the Bespin editor, ajax and comet communications, it offers the browsing of your projects, the edition of the sources, the debugging of the raised exceptions and the consultation in real-time of the applications logs." Nagare is "an Open-Source Python framework dedicated to web applications development. Its set of advanced features as continuation, direct callbacks registration, programmatic HTML generation, combined with its strong components model allow [you] to quickly and easily build highly complex and reusable applications." (Original source.)
  • Free YUI 2.x API Documentation Dictionary for Mac OS X 10.5 Users: (Note: I haven't confirmed whether this works on more recent versions of Mac OS X.) From the product page: "In addition to using it is also possible to find a definition through the 'Look up in Dictionary' context menu shortcut (works in Safari, and any other application that supports it) or even from a Dashboard widget for Dictionary."