YUI Theater Comes to Boxee, Courtesy of Chad Auld and the Brilaps Team

By YUI TeamJuly 22, 2010

YUI contributor and former Yahoo Chad Auld emailed us to tell us about his latest project with his Brilaps group — a project that has brought YUI Theater to the TV screen via Boxee. In Chad's words:

Boxee is an up-and-coming cross platform application that aims to help bring web content to the TV. It is based on the open source XBMC project and allows users to write new plugins to bring in additional content. We launched a new project about three weeks ago to build our first Boxee plugin, and we selected the YUI Theater as the content we wanted to bring from the web to the TV. There are so many great videos archived there (and growing), we think it is a terrific source of content for developers to have access to from their couch (especially since most of the videos are a bit longer than someone might have time to watch comfortably from their laptop). It took us about a week to build the plugin, another week to polish it up and sort out a few bugs, and about a week to get the application approved by the Boxee QA team and pushed into the public repository. I just got word that it hit the public repository this morning and so I wanted to reach out and let you know.

This is fantastic news for anyone who has been enjoying YUI Theater content and would like to catch up on the latest from Douglas Crockford, Brendan Eich and all the other great YUI Theater speakers from the comfort of his/her couch. Check out the video above for a tour of the UI, and then go grab Boxee and get started.