YUI 3 Goes to Burning Man with Illuminatrix

By YUI TeamAugust 3, 2010

Ben Delarre emailed to let us know about his YUI 3-based implementation of an LED animation builder for a Burning Man 2010 installation:

I've managed to put this site, the animation editor, and a HTML5 Canvas based colour picker (which i'll be contributing to the gallery just as soon as I can...), in just a few days using YUI 3 and PHP. (Its a little slipshod in places, and there's much more to be done to make it better, but time is running out).

Illuminatrix is a project we've put together over the last few months for this years Burning Man festival... Its a 2D array of 16x16 ping pong balls, each of which contains an RGB LED that can be coloured any colour of the rainbow at any time. It will be displayed in the entrance to the More Carrot theme camp and to give it a bit of a twist we've decided to make it possible for everyone to contribute to the animations we'll display on it.

Everyone, no matter what their ability, can create animations quickly and easily. You can either draw each frame individually by hand, or write JavaScript to generate the frames if you are of the technical persuasion (The "Code Help!" link gives a list of some useful functions as well as some example code).

Over the next few days we'll be putting up pictures of the build, we're already a good way into the hardware, but the deadline is fast approaching.

...Please pass [the link] around, we want to collect as many animations as possible before August 26th when we must head off for the Burn.

Hopefully, at least one YUI team member will be there to say hello to Ben at the event, and we're all looking forward to seeing that HTML5 Canvas-based Color Picker in the YUI 3 Gallery.