Ask Satyam — Upcoming Tutorials

By YUI TeamAugust 4, 2010

We invited you to ask questions in a recent post, suggesting articles for upcoming tutorials that you'd like to see on YUIBlog — and Packt kindly offered to send an electronic copy of my new YUI 2 book, YUI 2.8: Learning the Library. I've selected three questions to start working on, and you'll see these tutorials coming up here on YUIBlog in the weeks ahead. Thanks to all who asked questions!

YQL and YUI DataSource

We will briefly look at the YQL service, how to use it via the YUI 2 Get Utility and more easily using several components by various YUI Contributors and as a DataSource via my YQLDataSource, which makes YQL tables easily usable in YUI 2 AutoComplete, YUI 2 DataTable and YUI 2 Charts. If space allows, we'll look at it in YUI 3 as well.

Suggested by Mike Hatfield.

Row Expansion in DataTables

Though the issue has been covered several times, every solution is tailored for a limited scenario and there is no general solution. We´ll comment several options available, their issues and we'll try to improve on them. Hopefully, depending on the specific needs, one of those alternatives can help.

Suggested by Brian Cane and Alberto Santini.

Cleaning up Your Code

Before asking the forums, there are plenty of things you can do by yourself and, if you have your tools handy, you will find your answer all by yourself in no time, without waiting for an answer that may not come. Besides, cleaner code is robust code, much less likely to break in stress conditions. Good practices not only avoid fatal errors, those that force you to post questions in the forums, but warnings highlight minor errors and help you stay away from the fatal edge.

Suggested by JoeDev.

Thanks to Radha Iyer and the kind folks at Packt for chipping in with ebooks for this promotion. If your name appears above, Radha will be in touch with you by email very soon.