YUI: Open Hours Wed Aug 18th

By YUI TeamAugust 16, 2010

Let's talk about DataTable!

For those of you that don't subscribe to the YUI calendar or YUILibrary.com forum, the next installment of YUI: Open Hours will be this Wednesday the 18th.

DataTable is one of the most used components in YUI 2, and certainly one of the most coveted components for YUI 3. It's not uncommon to hear people talking about "YUI" that are actually just talking about DataTable. In fact, some folks are waiting for DataTable before they make the plunge from YUI 2 to YUI 3.

Jenny Donnelly will be joining me this Wednesday to talk about what's up with DataTable in YUI 3: when to expect it, what sort of features it will have, how it will differ from YUI 2, and what sort of design and architecture challenges she's facing. It's important to get this right, and with a component like DataTable, there's a lot to get right! Also, she'll talk about the options you have today for getting DataTable in your YUI 3 apps — hopefully addressing the concerns of those that are holding off on YUI 3 (or even YUI at all) until DataTable or other YUI 2 widgets are officially migrated.

Of course, no talk about DataTable would be complete without Satyam, so he will be joining us from the sunny beaches of Barcelona to talk about the history of DataTable and its community. He should be able to provide some interesting perspective on some of the common trouble spots people run into when working with DataTable in YUI 2 and help guide the conversation and brainstorming for a community driven feature wishlist.

As usual, we'll be online from 10am to 12pm PDT. The connection details are the same as usual.

  1. Dial in to 1-888-371-8922 (Skype works great for non-US participants*)
  2. Enter the attendee code 47188953#
  3. Join the screen sharing session (this will prompt you to install the Adobe Connect plugin if this is your first time using it)

Here's the forum thread for this Open Hours. I'll post some of the interesting takeaways after the call. Our attempt to record the last Open Hours met with a firey (technical problems) death, so we'll try again, this time with feeling.

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Hope to see you there!

* - If Skype is not an option, email me for a local number.