YUI: Open Hours Friday Sept 3rd

By YUI TeamSeptember 2, 2010

For those of you that don't subscribe to the YUI calendar or YUILibrary.com forum, the next installment of YUI: Open Hours will be this Friday the 3rd.

The topic of this week's call will be performance. How and what to measure in your module code, and techniques and tools for measuring various aspects of site performance.

On deck this week are Ryan Grove, Satyen Desai, and Philip Tellis. Satyen will be demoing dynaTrace Ajax edition, Philip will be introducing a new YSlow plugin he's working on, and Ryan will cover some of the tools in YUI 3 that you can use in your development to move the needle.

So bring your slow or ailing code (or fast code if you want to show off) and participate in the conversation.

As usual, we'll be online from 10am to 12pm PDT. The connection details are the same as usual.

  1. Dial in to 1-888-371-8922 (Skype works great for non-US participants*)
  2. Enter the attendee code 47188953#
  3. Join the screen sharing session (this will prompt you to install the Adobe Connect plugin if this is your first time using it)

Here's the forum thread for this Open Hours. I'll post some of the interesting takeaways after the call and we'll be recording the call for those that can't make it for the entire time.

Follow @yuilibrary on Twitter for the latest updates on Open Hours and other YUI interestingness.

Hope to see you there!

* - If Skype is not an option, email me for a local number.