YUIConf 2010: Early-bird registration ends this week

By YUI TeamOctober 7, 2010

An awesome lineup is in place for YUIConf 2010, which will be held at Yahoo!'s Sunnyvale, CA campus this November 8-10. Douglas Crockford will be back with a new talk entitled "Project Future", and Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith will be moderating a panel on the future of the discipline. We have a stellar lineup of speakers, including Christian Heilmann, Dav Glass, and Nicholas Zakas, taking the podium this year on topics spanning YQL, NodeJS, and YUI:

  • An Introduction to YQL
  • YQL + YUI: Building End-to-End Applications
  • Building YQL Open Data Tables with YQL Execute
  • Using (Not Abusing) YQL for Caching, Filtering and Collating Data
  • NodeJS + YUI 3
  • Using NodeJS and YUI 3 for Server or Browser Side View Rendering
  • Avoiding Spaghetti Code with Server-Side JavaScript
  • Understanding Progressive Enhancement with YUI: Write Less, Achieve More
  • Internationalizing Applications Using YUI 3
  • Editor: The Next Generation
  • AutoComplete: Deep Space Nine
  • The Journey from Idea to Functioning Widget in YUI 3
  • Finger Tips: Lessons Learned From Building a Touch-Based Experience
  • and much, much more!

Be sure to sign up this week to receive the early-bird rate of $35. After October 8, tickets cost $50.

For folks traveling from outside the Bay Area, we have made available Yahoo! rates at a couple nearby hotels. Check out http://yuilibrary.com/yuiconf2010/ for more details.

CC photo of Dion Almaer by seanosh on Flickr.

Update: The early-bird price was incorrect. Tickets cost $35 through October 8.