In the Wild for November 1, 2010

By YUI TeamNovember 1, 2010

YUIConf 2010 is just around the corner, and we can't wait. Here are some things we've noticed in the meantime:

  • YUI 3 on the New Yahoo! Mail Beta: Mike Curtis writes about YUI 3 usage on the new Yahoo! Mail beta in a YDN blog post: "For JavaScript, we decided to use YUI3. Yahoo! Mail Beta is built using the YUI framework from the ground up. One of the great benefits of YUI is that it's modular, allowing us to pull in libraries as needed as opposed to downloading everything up front. Modernizing the markup and using YUI3 for JavaScript reduced total download size for the application by 35 percent, a huge performance win." Check out the full article here. #
  • Sam Stephenson Releases Hork: Sam Stephenson from 37signals, author of the Prototype JavaScript library, has released a new project called Hork. According to Sam, "Hork is a little Rack middleware for transparently compressing JS & CSS assets with YUI Compressor." (Original source.) #
  • Guild Wars 2 Site Launched with YUI 3.2.0 + Gallery: Pat Cavit (@tivac) wrote in to tell us about the new Guild Wars site. "We launched which is a fully YUI 3-powered site. It takes advantage of Eric Ferraiuolo's overlay plugins, Ryan Grove's history module, a few custom-built (now in the gallery) anim plugins, a generic animation module), [and] all sorts of loader/base/event stuff. It also heavily uses the new transition module." (Original source.) #
  • "Learning YUI Pt.3 – SimpleYUI and Exploring the API" (via @triptych): Andrew Wooldridge continues his series of tutorials on YUI 3, this time with a look at SimpleYUI and Y.log. "SimpleYUI is like getting one of those cheese samplers in the mail. You dont have to go for a big commitment, but you can try out a lot of things without worrying about a lot of the safeguards you might later want to have. I have created a landing page for SimpleYUI, but in summary its like getting to play with YUI without worrying about all that .use() stuff, or anonymous functions, etc. It’s a lot like how you might have experienced jQuery for the first time. You get a lot of powerful functionality up front, and you only need a single js + a few lines of code to get started. For some great examples, check out this page from Eric Miraglia. SimpleYUI gives you DOM, Events (and custom events!!!) transitions, and AJAX. It’s perfect for folks who just want to add some animations or fun effects for your site in no time flat." The full writeup is here. #
  • Montage Maker from @pamelafox Ported to YUI 3: Pamela Fox ported her cool Montage Maker application to YUI 3 — and now, she says, it's both faster and more stable. (Original source.) #
  • Simple List Manager with YUI 3 on JsFiddle from @apipkin: Anthony Pipkin shared a little list manager he wrote — highlighting the intrinsic power of YUI 3 and also the ever-increasing usefulness of jsFiddle. (Original source.) #
  • Secure-TSPlayer Admin Driven by YUI 3 and 2-in-3: Caridy pointed out the Secure-TSPlayer Dreamweaver plugin, whose admin section makes use of YUI 3 as well as YUI 2 components like DataTable via the 2-in-3 mechanism. #
  • YUI 3-based Pong from @bruciemoose: Andrew Bruce has been playing around with YUI 3 and test-driven development. The result: A simple Pong implementation. "In case you’re one of my clients, you might be wondering why I’ve been slacking off recently. Here’s why: I’ve been teaching myself ‘grown up’ JavaScript under instruction of Douglas Crockford (in book and video form, obviously). Crockford never mentions Test Driven Development, probably because he doesn’t do it. But I do, so I’ve been learning to do that in JavaScript too.So here it is, HTML5 Canvas Pong. Pong is effectively a Hello, World! application for game developers. It’s not particularly fun, and my version is full of amusing bugs...." You can read the full post here, or jump in and give the game a try. #
  • JsFiddle Adds SimpleYUI Support: The jsFiddle team has added support for the SimpleYUI rollup for YUI 3, which instantiates itself and creates a global YUI instance (Y) with support for common Ajax library operations. You'll find the SimpleYUI checkbox under the library selection menu when you select YUI 3.2.0. (Thanks to Andrew Wooldridge for the tip.) #