Improving perceived site performance with spinners

By YUI TeamNovember 11, 2010
At the London Ajax meetup this week, Piotr (one of the creators of the rather good talked about spinners — the pretty common "I'm doing something" indicator — and how users perceive them. Apparently, people perceive Chrome to be faster in part because the little activity indicator keeps changing — it appears and disappears, and changes speed — while a page is loading. This sense of something happening persuades people that something is in fact happening, and faster, even if the actual speeds are identical. So Piotr set up a randomized survey, comparing perceptions of load speed after clicking two buttons — it's here if you're interested. When you click the button there's a delay before the spinner is shown, and then a short (random) time later the results are shown. Then you click another button, and the same thing happens. And then you say which was faster. He also allowed for a "this thing seems broken option". (If you're going to do the survey, do it now and then come and read the conclusions — I don't want to spoil it for you!). The results are here. The conclusion is that by delaying the display of the spinner slightly, users perceive things to be happening quicker. But wait too long and they start to think something's broken — 0.4s seemed to be the optimal delay, from the survey results. And it may be worth thinking about other indicators if things take longer — add a "loading..." text overlay after 1 sec, perhaps.