In the Wild for November 19, 2010

By YUI TeamNovember 20, 2010

The YUI team, and about 250 of our closest friends, spent the week of Nov. 8 focused on YUIConf 2010, organized by YUI engineer Jenny Donnelly (of DataTable fame). Jenny wrote a nice summary of the event, echoing what everyone here felt: It was the best YUIConf ever, and the YUI community is growing in both size and depth every year. We were blown away by all the talks, and we'll keep the YUI Theater elves working double-time to get videos out.

We may have gotten a little behind on our RSS feeds (although we read every tweet in the prolific #yuiconf stream on Twitter), so this week's In the Wild may drop the ball on a few items; let us know in the comments or @yuilibrary if we missed something important.

  • YUI 3 on Major Australian Real Estate Site: Mark Rall (@codeinfront) tweeted to let us know about a major Australian real estate site powered by YUI 3. (Original source.) #
  • C|Net's Stephen Shankland Discusses the Most Recent GBS Update: In our latest Graded Browser Support update, we noted that we anticipate ending the A-Grade recommendation for IE6 in Q1 2011. This forecast generated a lot of conversation, including over at C|Net where Stephen Shankland had this to say: "IE6, introduced in 2001, lacks support for many Web standards--many old ones as well as a host of important new ones--and is feeble at processing Web-based JavaScript programs essential to the new era of dynamic, rich sites. It's also more vulnerable to security threats. Although IE6 usage is gradually waning, it's still common, in part because it's built into Windows XP and hard to dislodge from corporate computing environments. Dealing a blow to the browser, YUI developers Eric Miraglia and Matt Sweeney in a blog post said Yahoo expects to 'discontinue A-grade for Internet Explorer 6, moving it to C-Grade' in the first quarter of 2011 so there's more time to focus on mobile browsers and other important new areas." #
  • Storing Snippets of Data on Your Page Via YUI 3: Andrew Wooldridge continues his set of YUI 3 tutorials. Writes Andrew: "Every time I do some digging into YUI3, I find things that are really interesting and useful. Take, for instance, Node.getData() and Node.setData(). These little methods allow you to store information associated with a particular Node, but you dont have to try to create some custom attribute or keep track of your own independent data storage object for you to use these methods. In a way, it allows you to associate information of any kind with elements on your page and are retrievable just by finding the Node and asking for the data. It’s like having a database on your page where the Nodes are the keys." #
  • YUI 3 Quick Tip: Conditionally Load DataURI’d CSS or MHTML: Pat Cavit wrote up a great tip he picked up from YUI engineer Adam Moore at YUIConf: "If you’re already using the YUI 3 Loader to load some of your CSS like I do for some sites this can come in really handy. You could also do this via conditional comments, but you can’t control when the load happens in that case. The trick is to define the trigger for the MHTML module to trigger off of the regular module, & also make sure that the MHTML module will supersede the regular one. Then, it’s a simple matter of setting up either the simple UA check or a test function that returns true/false." #
  • Speed Scrabble Online Built with YUI 2.8: SuperNifty's Speed Scrabble Online leverages YUI 2.8's utilities collection and widgets like TreeView and ProgressBar. (Original source.) #
  • Insert (Simple)YUI into Any Page with @triptych's Bookmarklet: Writes Andrew: "I’m sure after some time working with the web, you tend to accumulate some handy bookmarklets. I know that for me you can never have enough of these things. I’m note sure what confluence of circumstances arose to create them, but they are often extremely useful. If you find yourself working with YUI and you run across a site you want to muck around with, perhaps for a demo or a more enhanced helper for Firebug – you might use this bookmarklet..." (Original source.) #
  • YUI-related Tweet of the Week: A tweet that made us smile this week: #