YUI Theater — Anthony Pipkin: "The Next Step: From Idea to Widget (Part 1)" (45 min.)

By YUI TeamDecember 3, 2010

YUI contributor Anthony Pipkin of The Jones Group speaks at YUIConf 2010 at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale, CA.

Anthony Pipkin (@apipkin, Interactive Director at The Jones Group), a prolific YUI contributor, presents the first part of a two-part series on how to move from implementing simple functionality in YUI 3 to producing modular, reusable components that leverage YUI 3's component infrastructure (including widgets and plugins). (Part 2, from fellow YUI contributor Pat Tivac, is also available on YUI Theater.)

If the video embed below doesn't show up correctly in your RSS reader of choice, be sure to click through to watch the high-resolution version of the video on YUI Theater.

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