Bringing YUI Theater to Internet TVs

By YUI TeamDecember 6, 2010

I wanted to post a quick update on a few YUI related projects I've been working on with a friend of mine, Ozgur Cem Sen (@ozgurcemsen). Eric posted a few months ago about our efforts to bring YUI Theater to Boxee. We just finished reworking the UI for Boxee and added some new features such as browsing by tags and search. We are currently working with the Boxee team to get the app added into the new Boxee Box repository. That is in addition to the standard repository they have for the desktop version. The Boxee Box repository has some stricter requirements around performance and video quality. The new versions should hopefully be out within the next week or so.

While finishing up the Boxee app we stumbled on the Samsung TV platform and the timing was perfect because they are actually running a "Free the TV" challenge. We came across the contest pretty late in the game and nearly missed the submission deadline, but we pushed hard and successfully recreated the same experience for Samsung in short order. If you have a few minutes please vote/help spread the word about our YUI Theater submission for Samsung - We've got 50+ other entries to beat.

Last, but not least — we also just recently completed work on a YUI Theater app for Plex. It isn't in the official application repository yet, but the request is in. In the meantime you can download it from here if you'd like —

Here are a few videos of the applications in action:

You should expect to see similar efforts for Google TV and Yahoo! Connected TV in the not so distant future as well.

Hopefully these apps prove to be valuable resources for those that can't typically attend the meetups and/or didn't make the latest YUIConf. We'll continue to add new videos as they are released.