YUI 3.3.0 Preview Release 3

By YUI TeamDecember 22, 2010

At YUIConf in November we released a preview of YUI 3.3.0, our next major release on the YUI 3 codeline. We're now up to our third preview release, and if you have some time over the winter holidays to help us kick the tires we'd love for you to give it a spin. You can use the YUI 3.3.0pr1 seed file from the CDN to get started, download the distribution from YUILibrary.com, or check out the 3.3.0pr3 distribution hosted on YUIBlog (note: performance is quite sluggish on YUIBlog due to the lack of combo-handling; rest assured that your CDN-driven implementations generally will be faster than corresponding 3.2.0 usage).

Some of new things to look for in this release:

There is much more to love about YUI 3.3.0, and we'll be sharing more information as the GA date nears. At present, we're aiming for a release window in the second week of January. We welcome your feedback on the preview in the YUI forums and in the ticket database if you find issues of concern when you test out your own implementation with the new release.