Online YUI 3 Introductory Course Fri, Jan 21st

By YUI TeamJanuary 13, 2011

Next Monday Friday I will be hosting an online YUI 3: Intro course for anyone that wants to attend.

This is the same course that has been taught within Yahoo! for about a year now, and the same one presented at YUIConf last November. It covers these topics:

  • Basic DHTML - DOM traversal and modification and subscribing to events
  • Ajax using
  • Class API patterns - Instantiation, configuration, and event subscriptions for widgets and utilities
  • YUI sandbox - API and environment set up and loading strategies

There are exercises throughout the material to get your hands in the YUI habit as well as your brains.

The 3.5 hour course will run from 9:30am until 1pm PST next Monday, Jan 17th Friday, Jan 21st. Connection info is:

  1. Dial in to 1-888-371-8922 (Skype is great for non-US participants)
  2. Enter the attendee code 4718 8953#
  3. Join the screen sharing session (this will prompt you to install the Adobe Connect plugin if this is your first time using it)

I know it's short notice, but you can blame that on Rey Bango. So if you missed the intro course at YUIConf or you just want a thorough, hands on, getting started with YUI 3 training, come on over and bring a friend!

UPDATE: Moved from Monday the 17th to Friday the 21st

I forgot that Monday is a holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), so I'm moving the course to Friday the 21st. I can use the extra time to work out the logistics of recording it for posterity. If you have any recommendations on the best way to record a 3.5hr presentation, I'd love to hear it!

UPDATE: Recording available

The full recording, course content, and slides are available for download (250M)

The zip contains OSX filesystem cruft, the audio is spotty, and there’s plenty of room for improvement, but hey, it’s out there!