Announcing Yahoo! User Interface Library 2.x Cookbook

By YUI TeamJanuary 21, 2011

Yahoo! User Interface Library 2.x CookbookPackt Publishing is pleased to announce the release of my new book, Yahoo! User Interface Library 2.x Cookbook. The book contains numerous coding recipes, providing readers with detailed examples for over twenty-five YUI 2.x components, including Container, Drag & Drop, Connection Manager, DataTable, TreeView, and much more.

What you will learn from this book

I've written this book so that it will help you learn how to use YUI 2.x to build richer, more interactive web applications that impress clients and wow your friends. It has recipes explaining over twenty-five YUI components, showing how to use them, and how to configure them to meet your needs. Each covered component will have extractable code samples that showcase the common ways that the component is used.

Additionally, complete working code can be downloaded separately for each chapter, so it is easier to follow along. For each of the recipes, there is an introductory example, then more advanced examples, followed by an explanation of how the component works and what YUI is doing. For more experienced developers, most recipes also include additional discussion of the solution, explaining how to further customize and enhance the component.

Practical and packed with easy-to-follow recipes, the book will help you create modern, rich internet applications using the most powerful components of Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI).

Who this book is written for

The book is best suited for JavaScript developers who are relatively new to YUI 2 or interested in getting started quickly. However, it contains examples for almost every component and is equally suited as a reference for experienced developers looking to brush up on or explore some of the most powerful features of each component.

Get 15% off!

Packt Publishing is offering a 15% discount to any YUIBlog reader, and you will find my book is available in both eBook and traditional formats. To receive your discount, simply purchase Yahoo! User Interface Library 2.x Cookbook through Packt Publishing, and provide the code YUI2XCBK15 at checkout. (Note: You must be logged in for the code to work.)

Want a Sample?

To help you get a feel for the content provided within my book, Packt is generous enough to provide a sample of what you can expect:

"YUI 2.X: Using Event Component"

About the Author: Matt Snider is a Web Developer and JavaScript aficionado. Matt has been developing Web applications in a variety of frameworks and languages for the past 7 years, and has also been writing a blog on Web development for almost 4 years. Matt is the principal engineer at He has contributed extensively to both YUI 2 and 3, including the Storage component in YUI 2 (covered in this book). Matt balances his time between his day job, his blog, and contributions to the open-source community. When he isn't working he enjoys backpacking away from it all or staying in and exploring his expansive video game collection.