YUI: Open Hours Thurs Jan 27th

By YUI TeamJanuary 22, 2011

The next YUI: Open Hours will be next Thursday, the 27th.

Last week we tried to pack too much into the shortened 1 hours time slot, and ran out of time before one of the most important segments: the 2011 YUI 3 roadmap feedback and suggestion part. So we're going to pick up where we left off, with Satyen noting any updates to the rough roadmap from last week, then it's all about what you think.

So come with questions and suggestions. We want to hear what your priorities are for the coming year and how we can help, and what your thoughts are on making YUI as a product (or family of products) more complete and outstanding.

We'll be online from 10am to 11am PDT Thursday. The connection details are the same as usual.

  1. Dial in to 1-888-371-8922 (Skype works great for non-US participants*)
  2. Enter the attendee code 47188953#
  3. Join the screen sharing session (this will prompt you to install the Adobe Connect plugin if this is your first time using it). Note: This URL has changed, so please update your bookmarks if you're still using the old URL.

Greh Hinch got the conversation started In the forums, so get to brainstorming already and we'll see you Thursday!

UPDATE (1/26)

You can find the draft of the 2011 roadmap that Satyen discussed last week on the YUILibrary.com wiki. We won't spend much time reviewing it, so have a look before the call.

* - If Skype is not an option, email me for a local number.