YUI: Open Hours Wed March 2nd

By YUI TeamMarch 1, 2011

Implementation focus: Photo Pairs

Marco Egli is the lead developer for Elstr services in Switzerland. As a break from the daily grind, he decided to get his hands dirty with the latest technology, and created a simple memory game called Photo Pairs.Photo Pairs memory game, powered by YUI 3

In his own words:

With the photo pairs project I wanted to get familiar with the latest and greatest in web technology. So I decided to create the backend with node.js and use on frontend HTML5 semantics and CSS3 styles. Because I am quite experienced in using the YUI2 library (for Elstr and the infinite crossword) the new site was ideal to experiment with YUI3. All the pairs games I found in the www were built with predefined images. But I wanted to give a wider variety of possibilities to the user. So it was an obvious decision to use Flickr as a photo source.

The site is using YQL, Tabview, Overlay, Anim, and DataType. Join us to look under the hood.

Time & Details

We'll be online from 10am to 11am PST Wednesday. The connection details are the same as usual.

  1. Dial in to 1-888-371-8922 (Skype works great for non-US participants*)
  2. Enter the attendee code 47188953#
  3. Join the screen sharing session (this will prompt you to install the Adobe Connect plugin if this is your first time using it)

* - If Skype is not an option, email me for a local number.