YUI 2.9.0 Preview Release Is Now Available

By YUI TeamMarch 15, 2011

The YUI team has been hard at work closing out the last of our 2.9.0 bugs, and today we're pleased to announce the availability of a 2.9.0 preview release for testing by the community. Included in this release are numerous bug fixes and targeted enhancements that will help bring closure to the YUI 2 codeline, as well as targeted code changes and documentation updates that make it more difficult for implementers to unintentionally neglect security best practices.

YUI 2.9.0 represents our last bug fix release on the YUI 2 code line before putting it into maintenance mode, when only critical bug fixes and targeted browser compatibility fixes will be considered. We're truly excited to be able to reach this important milestone, which will help us redouble our efforts onto YUI 3.

YUI 2.9.0 PR2 is available both via the CDN as well as a downloadable package for testing. We hope you can take a moment to test today's preview release and provide feedback by Friday, March 18 on any bugs and regressions you may find.