YUI Training in Switzerland

By YUI TeamMay 24, 2011

Liip recently sponsored YUI training given by Tobias Ebnöther for beginners with some basic knowledge about JavaScript. Our space was very limited so we didn't announce this very publicly.

The Morning

Starting early I had a first group of developers who were keen on learning about YUI. Most of them were already familiar with other major libraries or version 2 of YUI. The feedback from the group was great, as everyone loved the very clean way that YUI enables you to solve daily problems and potentially reuse code. We had a little discussion about using the sandboxing technique or just rolling with SimpleYUI. While the simple version enabled a nice start into the workshop most people seemed to prefer the sandboxed instances.

The Afternoon

In the afternoon I had a very interesting group with a mix of developers, customers, and product owners. At first I was a bit afraid because of the very different knowledge levels, but as it turned out, with everyone supporting each other we nearly matched the speed of the morning group. The feedback here was good as well: people were mainly astonished how fast you can do something with a draggable widget. So I showed them some nice examples of how people put together things in the gallery, and we even had some time to build our own modules.


Giving a full day of training was a great and exhausting experience. Next time I'll plan a little bit more time in the morning as 3 hours were rather short for a full introduction. We will have an intermediate course based on the "YUI Building Blocks" material at Liip Zurich on June 9. The space will be very limited again but leave a comment to this post if you’re interested in joining.

Introducing people to YUI was real fun so we want to host a more public training in Zurich soon, probably sometime in July. It would be good to know how many people are interested so drop a comment if you would like to come.

Tobias EbnötherAbout the author: Tobias Ebnöther is a front-end engineer and coach at Liip. He's passionate about JavaScript, testing, and foosball. You can follow Tobias on Twitter at @ebii or find him on IRC as ebi.