YUI: Open Hours Thurs August 18th

By YUI TeamAugust 16, 2011

Welcome to the new yuilibrary.com!

In parallel with the 3.4.0 release, the new and improved YUILibrary.com site is going live! The new site is unified, better organized, and has a fresh look and feel.The new site index includes examples, community updates, and clearer links to documentation and getting started content

Look for an upcoming post about the site details, but join the Open Hours Connect room this Thursday morning to get a first-look guided tour by Ryan Grove and the other folks that made this a reality. We'll be talking about the site design, backend setup, future plans, community opportunities, and checking out all the new features we can cram into an hour, including the new API docs interface.The API docs provide lots of previously hidden info and look sexy

We've been working our tails off to get this thing ready to launch and we couldn't be happier to see it finally make its home on yuilibrary.com. Come celebrate the inauguration, give feedback (good and bad), and learn ways you can help make the new site the best it can be for you and for the greater YUI community.

Time & Details

This week, we're not going to use a conference bridge. Instead, we're going to host the session entirely on Adobe Connect, including the audio. We'll use the Connect chat to manage questions or use Connect's built in audio support for more in-depth discussions.

We'll be online in the Open Hours room from 10am to 11am PDT Thursday.

Update: video available for download

The high-res, iOS friendly recording is available for download.