YUI: Open Hours Thurs Sept 1st

By YUI TeamAugust 30, 2011

YUI Loader and seed file changes, plus Loader tips and tricks

Back in early July, Dav Glass posted an article about changes to the Loader and seed files in 3.4.0. There were a few questions in the comments and some others in the forum and #yui channel on freenode IRC, so I wanted to get Dav on the horn for a public Q&A.

I don't expect that will take the whole hour, though, so after that, we're going to be talking about Loader best practices and tips and tricks. Depending on time, some things I'm hoping to cover are:

  • How to make Loader fetch non-YUI files
  • Setting up module groups, and the many advantages of using them
  • Hosting and pointing to your own combo service
  • How each config affects where Loader will look for your files

If you have burning questions about Loader, have a trick you want to share, or haven't yet realized just how awesome Loader is, please join us!

Time & Details

This week we're going to host the session entirely on Adobe Connect, including the audio. We'll use the Connect chat to manage questions or use Connect's built in audio support for more in-depth discussions.

We'll be online in the Open Hours room from 10am to 11am PDT Thursday.


The recording is available on our YouTube channel.