YUI: Open Hours Thurs Sept 15th

By YUI TeamSeptember 13, 2011

Satyam's MakeNode extension

If you don't know Satyam, you must be new to YUI. He's been a pillar of the YUI community since the early days of YUI 2. His articles on YUIBlog are some of the most read and referred to sources for "how to really use the library" style content. If you see that Satyam wrote it, it's worth the read, and most likely, a re-read and a bookmark.

In July, he posted a great article on a MakeNode Widget extension that aims to simplify some of the common patterns used when building Widgets, and make it easier to avoid common missteps. The module has since been added to the Gallery and just earlier today, he posted an update to his original article.

That's what we're going to be talking about. The features, the history, and the reasonings. If you've been using the component infrastructure, and in particular, Y.Widget, you've likely encountered at least some of the hurdles Satyam set out to address with MakeNode. This is going to be a best practices fest, so bring your notepad, and your own experiences to share.

Time & Details

We'll be online on Thursday from 10am to 11am PDT.

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The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.