Rocking YUI on Node.js and Mobile

By YUI TeamNovember 7, 2011

Just over a year and a half ago I broke onto the scene with some demos of running YUI on the server with Node.js. This started out as an exercise in just stressing YUI's modularity and its ability to be used in more places than just the browser.

Back in April of 2010 I started this journey with this blog post followed by one of my most popular ones, Server Side DOM. After this series of articles, I began talking about YUI on Node.js to anyone that would listen. In Sept of 2010 I started with a small town hall style video, then again at YUIConf 2010 in November.

By that time, others had started seeing the possibilities that I had and started doing more awesome things. Matthew Taylor gave a talk after mine at YUIConf 2010 called YUI 3 & Node.js for JavaScript View Rendering on Client or Server. Many people didn't realize at that time that Matt was working on an internal project at Yahoo! called Mojito, but he was spending some serious time tweaking YUI on Node.js and building some outstanding things. Satyen Desai also gave a talk at YUIConf 2010 called A Phone, a Tablet and a Laptop Walk into a Bar.

In May of 2011 I gave another presentation at our internal F2E Summit called YUI 3 and Node.js - Not Just for Web Pages where I highlighted using YUI on the server/commandline for utilities or services that do not involve web pages.

All of these talks led up to YUIConf 2011, where there were several talks on Node.js, YUI, and mobile development. It has often been said that YUI is not designed for mobile development. Well, we're here to prove you wrong. One of my favorite quotes heard at YUIConf this year was something like, "YUI doesn't need to branch and create a mobile code line, their shit just works". This is something that I fully stand behind. YUI's flexible module system makes it perfect for building mobile applications. From our core modules, to our conditional loading, to our new App Framework, we're already powering high-profile mobile web applications today.

This brings me to the launch of Livestand. After launching, Livestand hit the #1 position in both Free Apps and News Apps in the Apple App Store. Not only is this app beautiful to look at, it's a technical revolution here at Yahoo!. Livestand was built using new technologies that, if you haven't guessed yet, are all based on YUI on the server and on the client. It brings together all the things I and others have been talking about for almost 2 years now, and delivers them in one fantastic application. In the coming months, the core technology powering Livestand will be released so you can start building kick-ass applications like it.

I'm proud of what the Livestand team has accomplished and I take great pride in knowing that YUI was there to push the boundaries and help them reach their goals.

I'll leave you with one more quote overheard at YUIConf 2011: "YUI is kind of like a Transformer: more than meets the eye".

We're still editing the more than 25 hours of video recorded at YUIConf, but in the meantime here's a preview of what will be coming to YUI Theater over the next few weeks.