YUI 3.5.0 Roadmap and Timelines

By YUI TeamNovember 15, 2011

With YUIConf 2011 still fresh in our minds, we have now turned our attention to planning and early development on the next major release of YUI. We are targeting the following high-level goals for YUI 3.5.0:

  • Formalization of Node.js as a first-class environment, including clean-up of stability and performance issues and CI integration
  • Formal introduction of our second skin offering
  • Refactoring of the Get utility for additional feature support and performance enhancements
  • Refactoring of Loader to implement Get's asynchronous functionality
  • HTML5 implementation of the Uploader component
  • Enhancements to App, Charts, and DataTable components
  • Introduction of Button, Carousel, CSSButton, Dialog, TestConsole, Tooltip, and TreeView components
  • Enhanced documentation of application development with YUI

We are planning a 3-sprint cycle of development for 3.5.0, with the following target milestones:

  • PR1 in mid December 2011
  • PR2 in late January 2012
  • PR3 in mid March 2012
  • GA release in late March 2012

The list of issues targeted for 3.5.0 PR1 and the full list of issues targeted for 3.5.0 are available in our bug tracker.

We look forward to getting great community feedback on our PRs!